Design & Decor

At KIT Custom HomeBuilders, we want every customer’s journey of customizing their new home to be fun, easy, and most of all, exciting. We take great pride in giving you the ability to build a truly custom and affordable dream home. Choices in carpet, flooring, cabinets, doors, and windows options/styles — these are all available to pick and choose, customize and adjust.

KIT Authorized Retailers tailor every home with you, the homeowner, in mind. This process is driven by your design vision from the very start; that is to say, we’ll work with you to make your perfect design a reality. It all begins here!

Jump in below and design your perfect KIT Custom Home step by step!


Hardwood Cabinets

Customizing your dream home would be nothing without access to the very best options and materials. For our hardwood cabinet collection, Our goal is to offer you a wide variety of high-quality cabinets.

For your reference, the cabinets featured in the photos below include Grey Shaker, White Shaker Style Flat, and Black Walnut.



In addition to cabinets, your choice of countertops can make a huge statement about the interior of your new home. Our variety of materials, colors, and styles for each counter surface allow you to create a look that is as varied or uniform as you’d like in every room. From quartz to laminate, to crescent edge, our countertops are all built to your exact specifications and will elegantly compliment your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your KIT Custom home.


Flooring & Fixtures

No two KIT Custom Homes are exactly alike, and that level of personalization translates even to the floor you walk on. Your guests will quickly notice your unique decor choices when it comes to flooring and adoring fixtures, and the level of quality will be hard to miss. We give you options not only for carpet, wood laminate, and ceramic, but even full flexibility in customizing your bathroom and shower floor.


Exterior Choices

Your opportunities for customization aren’t limited to the interior; after all, the exterior is your home’s first impression. We take great pride in our ability to give our customer’s a home exterior that not only turns heads, but holds up against the elements for many, many years. From standard Architectural Shingles to a variety of window configurations and of course many choices of Satin Finish exterior paint colors.


Doors, Windows, Paint & More

We could go on and on about every possible option KIT offers, but suffice to say that no detail of your home’s appearance is off the table when it comes to creating a distinct aesthetic identity. We think you’ll agree in our belief that the “…and more” category of options is perhaps the most exciting of all because this is where you really get to stretch your creativity. Custom add-ons, unique placement of interior elements, and ingenious quality of life improvements are what transform the house you buy into the home you want to spend your life in.

What are Your Options?

Laminate - Antique Limed Pine Y0469K-28
Laminate - Benjamin Grey
Laminate - Calacatta Oro 4981-38
Laminate - Desert Springs 4904-38
Laminate - Golden Juparana 4932-38
Laminate - Oiled Soapstone 4882-38
Laminate - Spicewood Springs 4905-38
Laminate - Typhoon Gold 4953K-22
Laminate - Typhoon Ice 4952K-22
Laminate - Deepstar Slate
Laminate - Cafe De Pesco
Laminate - Kalahari Topaz
Laminate - Potters Clay
Laminate - White Cascade
Quartz - Pental - Venatino
HD Laminate - Autumn Carnival 1877K-35
HD Laminate - Cippolino Bianco 1881K-35
HD Laminate - Cippolino Grigio 1882K-35
HD Laminate - Spring Carnival 1876K-35
HD Laminate - Summer Carnival 1875K-35
HD Laminate - Winter Carnival 1874K-35
Quartz - Lucastone - Frost White
Quartz - Lucastone - Gold Coast
Quartz - Lucastone - Aluminum
Quartz - Lucastone - Platinum
Quartz - Pental - Azul Aran
Quartz - Pental - Birch
Quartz - Pental - Cappuccino
Quartz - Pental - Cendre
Quartz - Pental - Clavaria
Quartz - Pental - Cotton White
Quartz - Pental - Creekside
Quartz - Pental - Dolce Vita
Quartz - Pental - Garnet
Quartz - Pental - Misterio
Quartz - Pental - Nirvana
Quartz - Pental - Pearl White
Quartz - Pental - Safari
Quartz - Pental - Serra
Quartz - Pental - Tobacco
6" Backsplash - HL01 White Rock
6" Backsplash - HL02 Raffia
6" Backsplash - HL04 Edgewood
6" Backsplash - HL05 Ashland
6" Backsplash - HL03 Amber
6" Backsplash - HL06 Sage
6" Backsplash - SW92 Castillian Gray
6" Backsplash - Glossy Gray
6" Backsplash - CS56 Tuscan Blue
6" Backsplash - Almond
6" Backsplash - SD91 Alabaster Sands
6" Backsplash - 0190 Arctic White
Onyx Black
Estate Gray
Chateau Green
Metal Roof - Dark Blue
Metal Roof - Forest Green
Metal Roof - Ivory
Metal Roof - Light Gray
Metal Roof - Red
Mantra - 100 Hopsack
Mantra - 200 Baled Hay
Mantra - 500 Rock Ridge
Mantra - 510 Spanish Grey
Mantra - 730 Russett
Mantra - 704 Pine Cone
Mantra - 703 Woodsmoke
Mantra - 702 Gingersnap
Mantra - 701 Hemp
Mantra - 700 Truffle
Macrame - 100 Angora
Macrame - 101 Sand Dollar
Macrame - 102 Sesame
Macrame - 300 Brindle
Macrame - 500 Pumice Stone
Macrame - 501 Rainy Day
Macrame - 502 Cloudburst
Macrame - 600 Spicewood
Macrame - 700 Shopping Bag
Macrame - 701 Tahoe
Macrame - 702 Mushroom Cap
Macrame - 703 Hickory Bark
Macrame - 704 Coconut Shell
Macrame - 705 Truffle
Macrame - 706 Peat
That's Awesome - 733 Sandy Brown
That's Awesome - 732 Toffee Smoke
That's Awesome - 731 Hearth
That's Awesome - 730 Pebble Path
That's Awesome - 532 Mineral Glaze
That's Awesome - 531 Gravel
That's Awesome - 530 Concrete
That's Awesome - 300 Beach Glass
That's Awesome - 131 Warm Sand
That's Awesome - 130 Flax seed
Freshen Up - 100 Winter White
Freshen Up - 102 Dunes
Freshen Up - 200 Chamois
Freshen Up - 500 Cold Water
Freshen Up - 501 Sea Salt
Freshen Up - 701 Town House
LX Flooring - LX277
LX Flooring - LX151
LX Flooring - LX150
LX Flooring - LX241
LX Flooring - LX286
Dezign Laminate (Wood) Flooring - Charcoal Hickory DWL-1071
Dezign Laminate (Wood) Flooring - Glacial Hickory DWL-857
Dezign Laminate (Wood) Flooring - Amarone DWL-836
Dezign Laminate (Wood) Flooring - Frosted Maple DWL-1052
Snapstone Ceramic Tile - Natural
Snapstone Ceramic Tile - Lunar Grey
Snapstone Ceramic Tile - Shadow
Snapstone Ceramic Tile - Walnut
LVT Plank - Steel Gray
LVT Plank - Fumed Oak
LVT Plank - Jackson Oak
LVT Plank - Fawn Oak
2 Toned Fibercement - Harvest Wheat
2 Toned Fibercement - Red Chestnut
2 Toned Fibercement - Forest
2 Toned Fibercement - Rimrock
2 Toned Fibercement - Brookstone
Montana Timber - Black
Montana Timber - Greenhorn
Montana Timber - Northern
Montana Timber - Southern
Montana Timber - Tackroom
Vinyl Siding - Almond
Vinyl Siding - Classic Cream
Vinyl Siding - Pebblestone Clay
Vinyl Siding - Sage
Vinyl Siding - Victorian Grey
Vinyl Siding - White
LP Painted Smart Side
Painted Fibercement Lap Siding
Black Walnut Raised
Red Provincial
Rustic Hickory Slab Panel
Rustic Hickory Raised Panel
Alder Mocha Glazed Raised Panel
Knotty Pine Flat
White Shaker Style Flat Panel
Grey Shaker Style Flat Panel
Gray Melamine
Exterior - SW 6041 Otter
Exterior - SW 6102 Portabello
Exterior - SW 6106 Kilim Beige
Exterior - SW 6201 Thunderous
Exterior - SW 6258 Tricorn Black
Exterior - SW 7005 Pure White
Exterior - SW 7018 Dovetail
Exterior - SW 7020 Black Fox
Exterior - SW 7029 Agreeable Gray
Exterior - SW 7047 Porpoise
Exterior - SW 7076 Cyberspace
Exterior - SW 7507 Stone Lion
Exterior - SW 7519 Mexican Sand
Exterior - SW 7594 Carriage Door
Exterior - SW 7601 Dockside Blue
Exterior - SW 7604 Smoky Blue
Exterior - SW 7737 Meadow Trail
Exterior - SW-6151 Quiver Tan
Exterior - SW-6187 Rosemary
Exterior - SW-6202 Cast Iron
Exterior - SW-7019 Gauntlet Gray
Exterior - SW-7066 Gray Matters
Exterior - SW-7068 Grizzle Gray
Exterior - SW-7531 Canvas Tan
Exterior - SW-7591 Red Barn
Exterior - SW-7741 Willow Tree
Interior - SW 6098 Pacer White
Interior - SW 6106 Kilim Beige
Interior - SW 6385 Dover White
Interior - SW 7015 Repose Gray
Interior - SW 7631 City Loft
SA54 Wisteria
SA60 Butternut
Accent Strip - CS97 Copper Coast
Accent Strip - CS93 Diamond Delta
Accent Strip - FL09 Nociolla mosaic
Accent Strip - FL06 Carrara mosaic
SV98 Cenere Fog
SA59 Glacier Gray
Sapphire Lagoon
HL04 Edgewood
Insulstone Surround "Charcoal"
FL06 Carrara White Floor
FL09 Nociolla Floor
HL08 Sunset Mosaic
Cenere Fog
12" X 24" - FL06 Carrara White Wall
12" X 24" - FL09 Nociolla Wall
12" X 12" - HL04 Edgewood
2" X 4" - Carrera
2" X 2" - Cenere Fog
SV96 Vento Breeze
P067 Grigio
EM03 Gray
2 Panel Arch-Top